I was a fan of Warner Brothers cartoons and Donald Duck comics from an early age, and began drawing to emulate greats like Chuck Jones and Carl Barks. By the time I reached high school art had become my passion, and I went to art school to pursue animation. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1998 with degrees in both Computer Art and Sequential Art. After graduation I went to work for Primal Screen Studios in Atlanta, GA, a television animation production house contracting for the Cartoon Network. As an assistant animator I had the chance to work with classic characters like Yosemite Sam and Tom and Jerry.

Since then I’ve illustrated for clients in entertainment, manufacturing, technology and education. After moving to Seattle in 2003 I was commissioned by Microsoft to make a comic strip for their employee newsletter, and I assisted on several television commercial animation projects for Laika Studios, including commercials for Lays Potato Chips and Eggo Waffles. In 2004 I began my webcomic Scooter and Ferret and published the strip through 2010.

Recent clients include IDW Publishing and GrapeSEED.