Illustrator and Comic Book Artist
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Sesame Street #1

Sesame Street #1

Client: Ape Entertainment | Writer: Jason Burns | First page of "Sesame Street #1: I is for Imagination." Sesame Street Workshop posted this page to their offical blog and Twitter account.


Client: Ape Entertainment | Writer: Mark Finn | What do you do when your parents sign you up as a member of the most unlucky “Shrub Scout” troop on the planet? Well, if you’re Mike Manly you do everything you can to get out! As Mike quickly discovers the only way out of the “Weasel Troop” is to earn all of the merit badges needed to graduate… wish Mike good luck cause he’s gonna need it!
Adipose Maxorigincolor_02origincolor_03

Adipose Max

Client: Immanuel Communications for No Sugar Added Productions | Writer: Michelle Conrad | Ongoing webcomic promoting childhood nutrition for the website.
Pirate Dubloon Geocaching Coinpiratecoin2_final

Pirate Dubloon Geocaching Coin

Client: | Coin design produced for a geocaching merchandise company.
Cartoon Network Bumper Ad

Cartoon Network Bumper Ad

Client: Primal Screen Studios for Cartoon Network | One of a series of animated bumpers played between network shows. | Responsibilities: Animation.
Lays Potato Chips Commercial

Lays Potato Chips Commercial

Client: Laika Studios | Television commercial for Lays Potato Chips played in South America. | Responsibilities: Character animation, in-betweens, clean-up